A Few Words From Our Founder

Ten years ago we held our first ever “friendraiser” benefiting the future GiGi’s Playhouse Oak Forest (now Tinley Park). It took our team just 17 months to move from conception to grand opening. The entire journey was beautiful. The love and support we received at every fundraiser gave us the energy we needed to continue moving forward. We knew, deep down, how much our community wanted and needed a Playhouse.

Our doors have been open for nine years now. Nine years of providing free educational and therapeutic programming to hundreds and hundreds of families. We began with just one program per age group with the goal of adding more as we gathered volunteers. Programs have evolved over the years and as our population has grown older, the focus on our teens and adults has expanded. Nothing makes me happier than seeing photos of them cooking healthy meals, exercising, volunteering during programs, and heading out into our community to raise awareness.

GiGi’s Playhouse is meant to exist. It is a constant display of the good in our world and it brings out the good in all who choose to share their time and talent with us. When you enter our doors, there is a feeling it emits. Families feel it, volunteers feel it, and anyone touring the Playhouse can feel it. It is a warm hug. It is love in action. I am forever grateful for all who believed in us when we were just an idea and for all who continue to believe in us now. With your love and support, we continue to thrive. I look forward to being a witness to all we can and will accomplish in the years to come.

Luke’s Mom, Diane Husar

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  1. Char kohlman on September 30, 2022 at 2:49 pm

    So well stated.I have watched it grow the from the first playhouse in a church, then on to a house and finally to the current building Each time getting a little bigger and offering more programs. to more age groups. Such such a wonderful addition to our community.

    • Diane Husar on October 1, 2022 at 12:27 pm

      Char…you have been a very big part of our Playhouse since the beginning, and we are SO grateful for your giving heart and dedication. We are blessed to have you and your entire family in our village.

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