10 Year Best of All!

Here at GiGi’s Playhouse, Best of All means a daily challenge to do a little better than you did the day before and it’s always celebrated. At our 10 Year Open House on September 24th, we asked our families and participants for a “Best of All” moment or favorite memory through 10 Years at GiGi’s Playhouse Tinley Park. Here’s what they had to say:

Nancy A. says of her son Tim: “When Tim read a whole book all by himself! Also, dance parties and snowball fights with Fantastic Friends”

Arianna S. says: “GiGi’s Kitchen Teen..I like to volunteer with my Mom!”

Sheryl and John K. say: “GiGi’s has always been a wonderful support to our family for over 11 years. From the birth and passing of our son Remy, to the adoptions of Hiro and Kai. GiGi’s families were always there for us through every stage of our boy’s lives and continue to be!”

Our Board Member and Playhouse Dad John H. says: “All of it..for 6 years and counting!”

Linda S. says: “Rehashing memories of all the nightmare garage sale we had to raise funds to get the doors open. The things that the founders did to raise money was a true example of amazing determination!”

David D. says: “When I went left, not right, at the GiGiFIT 5K”

Robert L. says: “Helping with Trunk or Treat and seeing all the kids in their costumes”

Beth K. says of her daughter Nora: “Nora took her first steps at LMNOP at the Playhouse on Oak Park Avenue”

Liz W. says: “Snowball fights!”

Kim M. says: “Baseball dance party and playing baseball with our participants”

Abby M. says: “Every moment I get to spend with my friends is the best!”

Casey G. says: “While at the last Gala, my brother in law, Tommy M., grabbed the microphone, and began to talk. Not knowing what he was going to say I was very curious. He than said I was the best brother-in-law!”

Jamie L. says: “Watching my sister interact with her GiGi’s buddies brings me joy. When you walk into the Playhouse, you have instant friends & you get the best hugs!”

Bridget H. says: “Just watching my entire family and all of our friends welcome my son Dillon into their lives”

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