Abby’s Color Filled Life

Abby and her mom, Barb

We wanted to highlight the art and talent of a participant here at GiGi’s Playhouse Tinley Park, Abby M. Abby has participated in many local art shows with her beautiful paintings. She truly embodies her “Best of All” as a confident and fantastic artist!

Abby’s mom, Barb says:

“About 10 years ago, our friend Kim Mellenthin, called me up to ask if Abby would like to come to an art group she was starting. I told her that Abby wasn’t crazy about fine motor things, so I wasn’t sure she would like it. After some convincing, I decided to let Abby give it a try. Abby was going through a hard time back then and I hoped since it was a social setting she might like it. It proved to be a good decision. Abby loves working with all the instructors and volunteers and has found she really enjoys painting. As part of the healing process I needed her to be more comfortable talking to people she didn’t know. An opportunity to show off her art presented itself and so we decided to have her try to participate in a show. She did remarkably well for where she was at. We have continued showing her art in different venues. With each show she becomes more and more comfortable and confident talking about herself and her art. We have so many great people that have helped us through this journey that we can’t thank enough. If you are ever at an art show and see Abby, please stop by and let her tell you about all the work that she has done!”

One of Abby’s paintings!

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