GiGi's Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center

Agreeing  to such a generous gift has significant impact.   For instance, our programing will partner with your dollars and create a positive social change in the lives of the individuals and families that GiGi’s Playhouse serves every day.    The impact you make when you give to GiGi’s…

  • Creates opportunities for parent networking and provides educational tools
  • Provides specific, therapeutic, or educational learning opportunities to support development of speech-language, social, and motor skills tailored to addressing the universal challenges of individuals with Down syndrome
  • Enhances an individual’s esteem by providing a fun and social karaoke night with friends
  • Brings awareness to equity and inclusion in the job market for a teen with Down syndrome ready & excited for their first job
  • Provides nutritional tools and resources that bring independence for a young adult living on their own for the first time

We appreciate your kind consideration and for the opportunity to share our mission with you.

With gratitude and appreciation we look forward to connecting with you.

The core message at GiGi’s Playhouse is global acceptance for all, which we live out every day by celebrating the achievements of individuals with Down syndrome through educational & therapeutic programs, special events, and critical social change campaigns.


All, of our programs, are offered FREE of charge. However, programs are not free to deliver. To continue changing outdated perceptions and enrich the quality of many more lives, we need funding for programs and campaigns that will affect today’s and tomorrow’s generations.


Shutting down our Playhouse in early 2020 was devastating for all of us, but through it all GiGi’s Playhouse-Syracuse continued to provide safe, fun, and purposeful programs for individuals with Down syndrome.  It is important that we continue to provide comfort and support to all our families no matter how challenging the circumstances.

“GiGi’s has been a constant and safe place for us…even though it has been virtual we have enjoyed the consistency of something to look forward to.  Nataley has loved seeing the familiar faces of the volunteers at GiGi’s and the familiarity of the content that we love and enjoy via the computer (i.e., LMNOP and Destination Discovery).  While we miss the gift of all being in-person, we are glad to have GiGi’s available all day, every day now.”—virtual program parent.

You can create true impact in the lives of children and adults with Down syndrome by supporting us in 2021 as a Corporate Gift Donor.

  • $21 Your gift helps in providing materials to welcome new families into GiGi’s Playhouse making sure they know that they are never alone.
  • $50 Your gift will support a fun night out to facilitate social interactions between adults with Down syndrome, their peers, and the community.
  • $100 Your gift will support an individual with Down syndrome benefiting from a 10-week session of One-on-One Literacy or Math Tutoring.
  • $250 Your gift will support LMNOP, an interactive and engaging program designed to guide parents and young children through communication skills!
  • $500 Your gift will support a motivated individual with Down syndrome to build strength and confidence through our GiGiFIT program for an entire year.
  •  $1,000 Your support ensures GiGi’s Playhouse can continue to provide specific, therapeutic, educational & career development opportunities, FREE!

Thank You to our 2021 Corporate Sponsors