Open Heart & Open Mind

We want to recognize volunteer, Felicia Wright, who in only two months has become a regular face in both our in-person and virtual programming! Felicia did not have experience working with individuals with Down syndrome when she first stepped through the doors of the Playhouse, but she came in with an open heart and open mind. Her testimony brought tears of joy to our eyes.

Felicia tells us, “I was a little nervous when I first came to the Playhouse. I did not have any experience whatsoever with the Down syndrome community and honestly, I was afraid. I was worried that I wouldn’t understand them and that they wouldn’t understand me. I was concerned that I wouldn’t know how to be helpful or know what to do because I lacked that previous experience. But, after meeting all the participants here at GiGi’s Playhouse Sugar Land, my thoughts have changed completely. I saw for myself that they are all just people, like you or me, and there’s no need to be afraid or nervous. Communication was one of my biggest concerns, but I have had some great conversations with many of the students here. I look forward to working with them as much as I can possibly fit it into my schedule. I’ve met some really amazing people, both participants and volunteers. At first, I came here looking to collect volunteer hours, but it quickly changed to me just wanting to come back again and again. I earned all of the volunteer hours I needed for school weeks ago, but I continue coming because I have fallen in love with GiGi’s and the magic that happens here. I really feel like I am making a difference. I thought I was coming here to help them, but it turns out they have actually been helping me the whole time. GiGi’s has absolutely changed my perspective and expanded my knowledge about individuals with Down syndrome. “

Thank you SO MUCH, Felicia, for reminding us why we do what we do!


  1. Susie Sims on January 12, 2021 at 6:39 pm

    Welcome Felicia. This is Tyler’s mom. We love Gigi’s and I look forward to meeting you!

  2. Ammie Blahuta on January 19, 2021 at 9:05 am

    That is so awesome. Thank you Felicia!!!

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