2024 GiGi’s Playhouse Ambassadors Nashville


Meet Andrew Donaldson, a vibrant 30-year-old who's been an active member of GiGi's for over a decade. Engaging enthusiastically in programs like EPIC, Fantastic Friends, Yoga, and CrossFit, Andrew embodies a spirit of passion and inclusivity. Beyond GiGi's, he's deeply involved in Special Olympics, showcasing his love for sports, particularly basketball and powerlifting. Professionally, Andrew's been part of the Nashville Predators team since 2017, spreading joy at the SoBro entrance by distributing programs before every home game. When he's not cheering on his favorite team or participating in sports, you'll find Andrew indulging in his love for movies, art, and his favorite pastime of playing video games.

Next, meet Tori McMahon, a 29-year-old who treasures her family bonds dearly. Sharing a special connection with her twin brother Brad, who trails her by just 11 minutes, Tori recently welcomed the news of Brad's engagement to Bailey, adding to her excitement about expanding the family. With a keen eye for fashion, Tori adores dressing up in stylish outfits that reflect her unique flair. Alongside her fashion pursuits, she actively participates in GiGi's programs like Fantastic Friends, GiGi U, and Yoga, cherishing the warmth and camaraderie she experiences at GiGi's. For Tori, GiGi's is more than just a center; it's a place where she can hang out with her best friends and relish the joy of togetherness. She expresses her gratitude, saying, "All the volunteers are awesome!"