Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Despite the frigid temperatures in Indiana, it is baseball season! Our local baseball team, Fort Wayne TinCaps, are kicked off their season this past Saturday, and if you were able to attend, you may have seen a familiar face! To say that Playhouse Ambassador, Sam, is a TinCaps’ number one fan would be an understatement. Sam can often be found sporting TinCaps apparel, designing TinCaps mugs, speaking about the TinCaps, etc.  During his GiGi University graduation speech, Sam mentioned that he wanted to work for the TinCaps. At the Playhouse, we hear a dream or goal, and we do our best to help the individual reach it.  After an interview and orientation, Sam’s dream of working at Parkview Field is now a reality!

After graduating from GiGi University, Sam interned at GiGi’s Studio Boutique. While interning, Sam was able to focus on career skills and apply them in an actual retail setting. He was able to work on customer service, money skills, job applications and interviewing skills. All of these skills came in handy when Sam went to his first interview at Parkview Field. Now, he gets to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ballpark while ensuring the condiment stations are filled and clean. When asked about his new job, Sam beams from ear to ear and is very proud to be working at Parkview Field and sporting the logo of his favorite baseball team. Go TinCaps!

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