A Match Made in Heaven

Kristy and Cameron have known each other for years, but it wasn’t until the two enrolled in GiGi University, that they really got to know each other well. The following is an account of their relationship, in their own words. They are a match made in heaven.

Kristy started going to GiGi’s Playhouse Fort Wayne in the Spring of 2018. She participated in GiGi U, which is a 15-week program that helps participants develop life skills and work ethics. During this program, she met Cameron. They participated in all GiGi U activities together, and became very close. After Graduation, Kristy and Cameron became ambassadors for GiGi’s Genesis Health Bar. Through all of these experiences, the two became close enough to become boyfriend and girlfriend. They have been dating for about ten months now. It will be one year of dating on May 25, 2019. Outside of GiGi’s, Kristy has social dates with Cameron and works at Goodwill. She loves having a boyfriend. It allows her to have a partnership inside and outside of GiGi’s, which she cherishes greatly.

Cameron started coming to GiGi’s Playhouse in the Spring of 2018. This was also the year he graduated from GiGi U. During his time at GiGi U, he met Kristy. They became very close friends and participated in all activities together, including DSANI programs. After graduation, Cameron asked Kristy to be his girlfriend, and she said yes! About a year later, they are still happily together. Cameron is currently living with his fellow housemates through CASS Housing. Kristy comes over to have social dates often. Just a couple weeks ago, they had a game night at his house. They do fun things like this a lot! The first game that Kristy chose was Trouble. Cameron hopes that he and Kristy are together forever and can live a happy, fun-filled life.

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    So happy for you two🥰

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    Such a cute couple!!

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    The best couple ever!

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