My Intern Experience: Kat Brady

GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit welcomed Kathleen Brady to the Playhouse back in May as one of the summer interns. She took on the role of program intern which means she prepared and participated in all the programs going on around the Playhouse. She spent a lot of her time lesson planning, tutoring, and assembling supplies for future programs. As we send Kat back to school for her senior year, we wanted to highlight her experience as an intern and give you a unique perspective on this opportunity! Read below to hear about all the things Kat loves and learned through working at GiGi’s!  

What do you love about GiGi’s?  

I love the welcoming environment, the families and participants that are eager to be here and the support that this community brings to individuals.  

What did you learn from the internship?  

I learned a lot but some of my favorite things have been the ways I’ve learned to support individuals with Down syndrome and in general I learned so much about the nonprofit world and how much it takes to make this organization run smoothly.  

Would you recommend this internship?  

Yes, because it’s been very fulfilling work. Knowing you are making a difference in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome has been so impactful.  

What is your favorite memory from this summer?  

Getting to experience programs and working with Kathleen, Kaitlyn, and Megan has been my favorite part.  

We are so thankful for all of Kat’s hard work and wish her the very best!  GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit is currently looking for fall interns!  Interested in interning at GiGi’s or want more information? Send your resume and cover letter to Kaitlyn Wojciechowski at 

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