Volunteer Spotlight: Jerrianne West

This month we’re shining a bright spotlight on one of the skill and dedicated volunteers that provide fun, educational, and free programs to our wonderful participants. Introducing Jerrianne West. Read on to learn more about Jerrianne and how fortunate we are to have her talented, generous spirit supporting the Denver Playhouse.

Jerrianne with Destination Discovery participant Blake Cooper

What made you decide to volunteer with GiGi’s Playhouse Denver?

I knew that I would be retiring in a few years and was looking at volunteer opportunities close to home. I have a background in early childhood education and have worked with individuals with Down syndrome. I first learned about GiGi’s one morning while watching 9 News, and was thrilled to learn it was close by my home in Lakewood. I fell in love with the Playhouse as soon as I walked in. 

How long have you been a volunteer?

I have been part of the GiGi’s family for a little over a year. 

What programs, committees, or events have you volunteered with?

I started volunteering at the Destination Discovery program. Additionally, I have been working on outreach and creating awareness for the Denver Playhouse with the Lakewood community. I also like helping out with our special events, most recently on the 2023 Glow Run committee. This summer, I have also been serving as a Literacy Tutor. There are so many different ways to be involved.

What is your favorite way to volunteer with GiGi’s?

It is hard to pick a favorite. I love them all. 

Can you share a favorite moment from your time volunteering? 

My favorite moment was working the registration table at the Glow Run with my granddaughters. I was so proud watching them greet each family and welcome them to the event. It was special to share my love of GiGi’s with my family. 

What is the most impactful thing you have learned from your time at GiGi’s?

That each of us has an important part to play in the success of the Playhouse. Together we make the Playhouse great. 

What advice would you give to someone that is new to volunteering or considering volunteering with GiGi’s Playhouse? 

Jump right in don’t be shy. GiGi’s Playhouse needs you. You can and will make a difference. 

Thank you, Jerrianne!

Whether you’re a parent, family members, clinicians, and individuals who believe in the GiGi’s Playhouse mission, there are many ways you can get involved at the Playhouse from programming and events to administrative offices and even our Board of Directors. If you are interested in donating your time and talent, contact us today. Learn more at https://gigisplayhouse.org/denver/volunteer/.

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