Allie’s Vibrant Artwork Turned Mural

In September of 2023 GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati celebrated a significant milestone—our first birthday! The occasion was marked by the unveiling of a spectacular mural that now adorns the Playhouse, a colorful depiction of the Cincinnati skyline. What makes this mural truly special is that it is an original creation by the incredibly talented local artist, Allie Guard, who happens to have Down syndrome.

At the heart of our birthday celebration was the unveiling of the mural, which is based on a creation of Allie Guard. Before opening our doors, Allie gifted GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati with an original art piece which hangs in our playhouse. One year later, Allie graciously gave us permission to use her artwork as the inspiration for the a mural behind our stage. From there, Playhouse staff and volunteers projected, traced, and painted a super-sized version of Allie’s work! After many hours of work, we were thrilled to unveil the final masterpiece to our community and have Allie sign the finished product, making the mural a permanent fixture of GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati.

Allie is the creative force behind Allie ArtTM. This unique artistic endeavor is a testament to Allie’s passion for the magic of color. Using colored pencils, Allie intricately fills patterns with bright hues, creating graphic landscapes that come alive with movement and emotion.

Allie’s artwork takes various forms—framed pieces for display, wearable art in the form of jewelry and accessories, and practical items like bookmarks, key rings, ID badge reels, and bottle stoppers. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, guaranteed to elicit smiles from those who encounter Allie’s vibrant world.

Allie’s mother, Sharon, plays an essential role in supporting and helping Allie throughout the artistic process. Their collaboration is a beautiful example of the power of teamwork and familial support. Together, they bring Allie’s artistic visions to life, sharing joy and creativity with the community.

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