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On Tuesday, January 23rd, the vibrant community of GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati took center stage on WLWT News. The news segment featured an insightful interview with Board Vice-President Anna Shelton and participant Grace Ingle, shedding light on the mission of GiGi’s Playhouse and the impactful programs it offers. The duo encouraged individuals with and without a connection to Down syndrome to be a part of this incredible and inclusive community.

Anna’s youngest daughter Izzy has Down syndrome, which led to her involvement at GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati. During the segment, Anna highlighted the positive impact that GiGi’s Playhouse has on individuals with Down syndrome and the broader community, inviting volunteers, donors, and participants to join hands in promoting acceptance and fostering a sense of belonging.

Grace, who participates in Fantastic Friends, a program for adults that supports the development of social skills and language, talked about what she has gained during her time at GiGi’s. The volunteers at the Cincinnati Playhouse strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals like Grace can thrive, learn, and build meaningful connections with their community.

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