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Do you belong to the club?

As a parent that has a child with Down syndrome, I love that Chris Bomgaars (Megan’s mom) from the A&E show “Born This Way” said the following (in regards to her relationship with other parents who have children with Down syndrome) “There’s a secret club that we all belong to and there’s some connection we have… Continue Reading

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The morning of my son’s 2nd birthday, we found out we were expecting our second child and we were thrilled! Everything was in place and things couldn’t be better.

At 13 weeks pregnant, I suffered a severe subchorionic hematoma/hemorrhage while at work. We raced to the emergency room where I anticipated the news that I lost my baby. To my surprise, my baby was okay! They did tell me to prepare for a miscarriage and to stay off my feet. Weeks went by and my baby kept growing and thriving! We also found out it was a girl!!! A boy and a girl!? How lucky are we!?

Then at 19 weeks pregnant, I went in for my standard anatomy scan…

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