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“Cheer Gems at GiGi’s Playhouse-Rockford has been a wonderful program. Being a part of Cheer Gems has built Khali’s confidence in performing. She has shown improvement with following directions, teamwork, and taking turns. Khali has been so inspired that she now wants to take up gymnastics. She is also anxious to independently do cartwheels and somersaults. Khali looks forward to seeing her coach Whitney Martin and her fellow Cheer Gems every week. On the way to practice or a performance, Khali names “all” of her fellow Cheer Gems with a great big smile! Khali is also inspired by the positive feedback and motivation provided by their outstanding coach, Whitney Martin. Whitney provides encouragement to all of the Cheer Gems”.

~Julie G.


“Cheer Gems has been a great addition to Cara’s life. She looks forward to practice every Sunday. If we had a week off due to holidays or something, she is very disappointed she can’t go and would rather go than celebrate whatever we had off for. It has built her confidence by performing in front of people. The friendships she has built with the group is great to see. She enjoys hanging out with all the other Gems! Cheer Gems has been great on keeping her focused. Coach Whitney works so well to keep the kids engaged and on tasked. These are life skills that are needed as they grow. Also, it has been a great experience for her to work with the teenage helpers. Cara says it best in an interview she had that being a part of this group and performing in front of others make her feel “Special”! She is proud to show off her trophies!”

~Cindi Jensen


“Michaela absolutely loves being a member of the Cheer Gems. Every week she counts down the days until “cheer practice.” Since being a part of this team, she has developed new friendships, learned new skills and built self-confidence. She has always had courage to take risks, and the Cheer Gems has allowed her to literally “soar” in this area as she is usually one of the Gems in the air during their routines. Her coach, Whitney Martin has done a fabulous job bringing out the best in all of the Gems, and Michaela adores her. I can’t wait to see what the Gems have in store for next season!”

~Shannon J.

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