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Birth Stories!

  Yesterday A&E’s hit show, “Born This Way” posted a video on their Facebook page entitled “Birth Stories”. The video highlighted all of the cast member’s parents and their recollections of each of their children’s birth stories. To view the video, visit: In the video, Kris Bomgaars-Megan’s mom says, “Sometimes I can’t remember where my car… Continue Reading

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Heard around the Playhouse


The joy of expecting our second child came last April. The first half of the pregnancy we discovered we would be having another girl… the name picking and nursery planning took flight. Hues of pink and gold with a running list of Italian names consumed our every thought!

My anatomy scan at 21 weeks pregnant revealed fluid around Luccia’s heart, which my obstetrician was not overly concerned about. He suggested I either have a repeat ultrasound or gave me the choice to follow up with a high risk doctor. I opted for the latter and was directed to have a fetal echocardiogram prior to my visit. I scheduled the fetal echocardiogram during my lunch break, not anticipating the severity of the results…

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