Why I walk?

I walk because I love my son exactly as he is. I want the world to see his value and see he is as worthy as anyone else to be on this planet.

I walk to support an organization that has been a cornerstone for his development, inclusion, and advocacy.

I walk to join other parents who are on a similar journey as we are, working together to build a more loving, kind and inclusive world for our kids with Down syndrome.

I walk to gather in gratitude for those who advocate for and love on my son and his peers even though they do not have a child or family member with Down syndrome – they just care and want to create a better community for us anyway. That is truly humbling and I never understood the magnificence of THAT until now.

I walk because GiGi’s Playhouse Sugar Land, the parents, the people volunteering, and those running the programs, have changed our lives. They stepped in to give me hope when I had none. They provided opportunities for Jonah’s development in a safe and loving environment – which is extremely hard to come by. They are committed for the long haul in shifting the culture to one of community driven outreach, character, kindness and improved quality of life.

Why do I walk? Because Jonah and our family cannot lose this vital organization. They are a lifeblood to our community and our families. They are a lifeblood to us. They are the blessing we never knew we needed until we joined the ranks as #theluckyfew.

I walk because it’s a privilege to do life with the families, friends and patrons of GiGi’s, to have access to these programs, and to first-hand see the fruit of those who volunteer and support their work. Caring for the vulnerable is a significant call we all must answer. Shifting the culture to normalize that is the goal. Thank you GiGi’s Playhouse Sugar Land – all who volunteer, donate and participate in this amazing organization! I hope even more will partner with us to keep the work moving full speed ahead! #generationG #inclusion #advocacy #awareness #compassion #TeamJonahAndFriends

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Jennifer, Jonah’s Mom

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  1. Belinda Orsborn on March 19, 2020 at 2:17 pm

    I love this so much it brought me to tears!

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