Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer and impacting the lives of individuals living with Down syndrome. GiGi’s Playhouse Little Rock is a volunteer-run organization, and we rely on the skill and dedication of volunteers of various levels of expertise to keep our programs vibrant, educational, purposeful, fun, and free. Since the first Playhouse opened in 2003, GiGi’s Playhouse programs have always been free for our families. Parents, family members, clinicians, educators, and individuals who believe in the GiGi’s Playhouse mission act as volunteers in GiGi’s Playhouse programs, events, administrative offices, and on our Board of Managers. If you are interested in donating your time and talent, let us know!

Volunteer Opportunities

Board of Managers 

Playhouse board members hold a significant role in the Playhouse culture and overall health and are ultimately responsible for its success. They also acquire sufficient knowledge of Down syndrome and the organization to promote its mission and programs and to serve as an ambassador and spokesperson for the organization.

Vice President: The Vice President is the backup to the President, tactical head of operation and committee action items, manager of the staff where necessary, and potential President-in-Training.

Board Members: Board members typically have experience in education, marketing, development/fundraising, finance, business management and have a passion for giving back to the community. Board members are typically aligned with the committees and provide a broad oversight and management of the Playhouse along with financial stewardship and fiscal management. They also represent the community to the Playhouse and the Playhouse to the community.

Committee Opportunities 

Marketing: This committee helps with social media planning, website and newsletter editing, content development, graphic design, blog writing, and media/PR by maintaining local media contacts and writing press releases.

Outreach: This committee increases awareness about Down syndrome and GiGi’s Playhouse in the community and builds relationships with community organizations, expands the base of families served within the DS community, represents GiGi’s at community events and connects with local schools and universities.

Development/Fundraising: This committee works together to create a development plan to achieve budgeted revenues, research and expand the base of donors, oversees stewardship plans and acknowledgement letters.


Program Coordinator: The Program Coordinator is the key volunteer supporting and overseeing the GiGi’s Playhouse therapeutic programs, meeting weekly or monthly. The Program Coordinator works collaboratively with the Program Committee, Site Coordinator, and each Program Leader to provide high quality, outcome-driven programs according to the program models developed by GiGi’s Playhouse.  This volunteer position requires a commitment of 4-6 hours per week and can be split between more than one person.

Program Co-Leaders: The Program Co-Leaders play an integral role within GiGi’s Playhouse programs – to facilitate skill development activities and connect with families. It is preferred that the Program Co-Leaders have advanced education and/or training in developmental therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, social work, special education, speech-language therapy, music, dance, art, or a related field. We train and support you every step of the way! This volunteer position requires a commitment of 60-90 minutes, 1-2 times a month, however this varies depending on the program.

Program Assistants: Program Assistants support the Program Co-Leaders in delivering a purposeful program. Duties may include arriving early to set-up, capturing video and/or photographs during the program, assisting participants to engage in the lesson activities, helping clean up and more. We train and support you every step of the way! This volunteer position requires a commitment of 60-90 minutes, 1-2 times a month, however this varies depending on the program

Greeters: Every successful program includes a Greeter for every lesson. A Greeter is a volunteer responsible for welcoming each participant/guest into GiGi’s Playhouse and ensuring they are acknowledged and identified in our database. The Greeter supports families with checking in and out of each program, and they may also assist with the program, as necessary.

Literacy Co-Coordinators: The Literacy Co-Coordinator roles are key volunteers supporting and overseeing the GiGi’s Playhouse Literacy Tutoring Program. The Literacy Coordinators work collaboratively with the Playhouse staff and team of Literacy Volunteers to provide a high quality, outcome-driven Literacy Tutoring Program. This volunteer position requires a commitment of 5-12 hours per week but may be shared by two or more volunteers.

Literacy and Math Tutors: This is an exciting opportunity to help those with Down syndrome with reading or math skills! The time commitment is 1 hour per week for a ten or fifteen-week session. We match you with a student based on your availability as well as the students. We provide training, materials, and support for you throughout your session!


Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator is the key team member supporting and overseeing recruitment, orientation, scheduling, training, and recognition of volunteers within the Playhouse. The Volunteer Coordinator works collaboratively with the Playhouse staff to provide a high level of customer service for potential and committed volunteers. This volunteer position requires an average commitment of 5-15 hours per week, may be shared by two volunteers.

Volunteer Liaison: The Volunteer Liaison assists the Volunteer Coordinator with support for recruitment, emailing with interested volunteers and getting them set up for a volunteer orientation, and gather stories about the impact to the volunteer and any family stories.

New Family Coordinator: The New Family Coordinator welcomes and celebrates all new Playhouse families, including new diagnoses, new babies, and new families with older children. The New Family Coordinator works with the site manager and other families to connect any new families with a mentor family and new family orientations.

Grant Writer: The Grant Writer works with the Development/Fundraising Committee while researching potential grantors, identifying funding needs, grant writing, submitting, and reporting results to funders.

Clean Team: Come in at least once a month to help keep the Playhouse clean as well as to organize and decorate. This is a fantastic opportunity for youth groups, businesses, etc.


Gala Committee members: Participate in event planning meetings with focus on specific areas of accountability (marketing, PR, fundraising, sponsorships, etc.). This could be a team member that helps to plan and organize the details, such as: researching and securing rentals, soliciting and securing sponsors and donations, entertainment, locations, and food or beverage donations for the event.