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Our vision is to see a world where individuals with Down syndrome are accepted and embraced by their families, schools and communities.

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DAY 25 of #DownSyndromeAcceptanceMonth! Let's spend the month learning about #Downsyndrome!

There is a 50-100% incidence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in individuals with Down Syndrome, with almost 60% of children with Down syndrome having abnormal sleep studies by age 3.5-4 years. The overall incidence of OSA increases as children grow older. Anatomy accounts for many of the reasons why there is a higher incidence of OSA in individuals with Down syndrome. Some of these factors include: central apnea, low muscle tone in the mouth and upper airway, poor coordination of airway movements, narrowed air passages in the midface and throat, a relatively large tongue, and hypertrophy (enlargement) of adenoid and tonsillar tissues. Increased upper airway infections and nasal secretions and a higher incidence of obesity further contribute to sleep apnea in individuals with Down syndrome.

Enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids is one of the most common causes of obstructive sleep apnea in children. Removal of enlarged tonsils and adenoids is the first line surgical treatment. In individuals with Down syndrome, even mildly enlarged tonsils and adenoids may have a greater than expected effect in regard to airway obstruction due to a narrower-than-average nasopharynx (area of the throat that connects to the nose) and midface hypoplasia (which describes a situation in which the upper jaw, cheekbones, and eye sockets have not grown as much as the rest of the face). If the tonsils and adenoids do not appear enlarged, it has been suggested that a sleep study should be done to confirm that the individual does not have sleep apnea.

Thank you to our awesome GiGi's Board Member and mama, Tiffany, for this picture of her daughter, Etta, during her sleep study! 😊😴💙💛

#GiGisBelieves #StrongerTogether #GenerationG #GiGisPlayhouseNSH #Trisomy21 #T21 #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth
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Another one of our very own Playhouse friends makes his Special Books by Special Kids debut! We ❤️ Corwin and his secret handshake! 😎🎬
#GiGisBelieves #StrongerTogether #GiGisPlayhouseNSH #DownSyndromeAcceptanceMonth #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth #DSAM2016 #SBSK #MoreAlikeThanDifferent
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Corwin is diagnosed with Down syndrome. Now that he's nine Corwin considers himself a man and wants his Mom to give him a break. In the end he is still happy she's his Mom.

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We are up bright and early this morning to paint our NEW space! Here is a sneak peak of our colors! ... See MoreSee Less

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DAY 24 of #DownSyndromeAcceptanceMonth! Let's spend the month learning about #Downsyndrome!

The #DownSyndromeCreed poem is on the lobby wall in our current Playhouse. We are preparing to say goodbye to our first home in #Nashville this week...but we can't wait to show you our NEW Playhouse SOON!! ❤️😊

"My face may be different, but my feelings the same. I laugh and I cry and take pride in my gains. I was sent here among you to teach and to love, as God in the heavens looks down from above. To Him I'm no different; His love knows no bounds. It's those here among you in cities and towns that judge me by standards that man has imparted, but this family I've chosen will help me get started. For I'm one of the children, so special and few, that came here to learn the same lessons as you: that love is acceptance; it must come from the heart. We all have the same purpose, though not the same start. The Lord gave me life to live and embrace, and I'll do it as you do, but at my own pace." - Author Unknown 💙💛

#GiGisBelieves #StrongerTogether #GenerationG #GiGisPlayhouseNSH #Trisomy21 #T21 #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth #DSAM2016
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HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped us on our big #MovingDay on Saturday, including volunteers from On The End CrossFit, Continuum Planning Partners SpecialCare Team, our local UBS, and more! We are SO grateful and truly are #StrongerTogether! 😊💪 P.S. If any of our friends has painting supplies to donate for our big #PaintingDay tomorrow, please contact our Site Manager, Janea, at by 3:00pm today! Thank you! #GiGisBelieves #GiGisPlayhouseNSH #GenerationG ... See MoreSee Less

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