Meet Keira – Mentor at Hugs + Mugs!

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Meet Kiera!! Kiera graduated GiGi U in the winter of 2014 and became an intern here at Hugs + Mugs immediately after. Kiera spent 16 weeks as an intern learning great customer service skills, money handling, creative artwork, cafe equipment and sales skills. After the 16 weeks, Kiera became a mentor for us in which she takes all of the skills that she has learned and helps to mentor our new GiGi U graduates who become interns at Hugs + Mugs! “My favorite thing to do at Hugs + Mugs is to greet the customers and give them what they want” says Kiera. We are so proud to have special interns such as Kiera and appreciate all of the hard work she puts in here at Hugs + Mugs! Stop in today to visit and let Kiera help you!

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  1. Keira M Davis on April 6, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Hi beautiful… my name is Keira too.. you’re so inspirational and keep up the good work?

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