Hugs & Mugs is a retail and online store run by adults with Down syndrome who have graduated from GiGi University. Hugs & Mugs creates gifts from the heart: personalized mugs printed with artwork and photos-your design or ours-you choose!  Adults from GiGi University are involved in running ALL aspects of the business-design, production, food prep, baking, packaging, and customer service.  During the 18-week internship where graduates from GiGi University practice and master career skills, we get the amazing opportunity to have amazing conversations, get to know these friends and what they want out of life. Today we are sharing a few bits that some our our friends wanted to share.


GiGi's PlayhouseGeneration G is very important to my life. It is making me stronger, happy and teaching me that my future will be okay. I can do almost everything with hard work! I am not going to be alone I have many friends and I meet cool people who understand me. Go Generation G! -Samir D






GiGi's PlayhouseI like to help kids, I like to be around people and make people feel happy and good. Make them smile. Make people feel welcome. Kids with Down syndrome can do anything, believe in us!! I like to help them with making the mugs! -Chris Tucker




GiGi's PlayhouseI have great ideas! We can change the world and help clean up communities and the world. Clean up the earth and be nice to people around you.  Be nice to each other and say nice words and have faith in us.  -Jenny





GiGi's Playhouse

Be kind, be nice to people, help people! Help GiGi’s Playhouse and clean up! Be helpful! -Nadia





Thanks Hugs & Mugs team for sharing some inspiration with us today! You are all doing a great job!


You can visit us at the Cafe but you can also shop in our ONLINE STORE and each order will be lovingly prepared, packaged & shipped (with a handwritten note) by an individual with Down syndrome strengthening their career skills.


GiGi's Playhouse


educate. inspire. believe.

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