Generation G is a conscious decision to be better every day.

Acceptance is a fundamental dignity for all people, regardless of ability. Acceptance is more than an act of charity, it is truly generosity “in action”. Acceptance is the very heart and the very best of humanity. Without daily actions to create lasting acceptance, opportunities for present and future generations will falter.

Generation G is generosity in action.

The heart and soul of Generation G is all about HELPING PEOPLE. Every single day, people who commit to Generation G will take actions to be better:

Be Accepting.
Be Generous.
Be Kind.
See No Differences.
Have Someone’s Back.
Challenge Yourself.

Generation G stands up for others, and never sees differences as weaknesses. Generation G is heroic and challenges the status quo. Generation G doesn’t allow people to use words that are offensive, like the R-word.  Generation G is committing to help in whatever way possible. People committed to Generation will help individuals with Down syndrome and their families. These people may be new volunteers who will enjoy the immense fulfillment of tutoring a child in literacy or math. It may be a new business who creates new opportunities for people of all abilities through event partnerships. And Generation G may help a child, teenager or young adult who does not fully understand a diagnosis such as Down syndrome, and takes for granted their own health and acceptance by others. Generation G can teach them a better way.

Generation G is about today AND tomorrow.

Generation G began with a promise to help – one child, one diagnosis and one community at time. Yet, Generation G is so much more than “per person”. It is really all about PERCEPTION. Acceptance takes time to build, and Generation G serves as a bridge to foster acceptance for today’s AND tomorrow’s generations.


Your pledge is a daily reminder to always act with acceptance and generosity


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