S3 E6: A Little Something Extra with Connor Tomlinson, Star of Love on the Spectrum

Connor Tomlinson, breakout star from Love on the Spectrum season 2, joins the show!! Joining Connor are his mom, Lise, and brother, Ben. Love on the Spectrum did such an amazing job capturing the dynamic of this amazing family, and we wanted to bring that same energy to the podcast! If you have not seen Love on the Spectrum, it will surely be your next binge. For those who have, you saw Connor steal the show by being his most authentic self. From being a one-liner machine (which you can find all over his new merch) to his love for movies and lore, how could you not want to hang with this guy?

In this episode we talk about his experience on the show and how it has transformed his life overnight. He tells us about his perspective on autism and its “the next step in human evolution.” We walk through his experience being on the show and his plans for dating in the future. Lise and Ben give us some interesting insight into the family growing up with a brother/son with autism. Connor tells us about his interests and, of course, some perspective on the Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings debate. It’s a perfect episode for celebrating Autism Awareness Month and the amazing people blessed by it! We hope you enjoy it!

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