S3 E5 – A Little Something Extra with John O’Hurley

The great John O’Hurley and his golden voice join the podcast in the studio!! John O’Hurley is an incredibly talented actor, comedian, author, television personality, and even a singer! You may know him as the eccentric J. Peterman in the hit sitcom Seinfeld. He also hosts the National Dog Show, voices King Neptune in SpongeBob along with hundreds of other voice-acting roles! He joined us just hosting the GiGi’s “I Have a Voice Gala.”

This one is a Seinfeld lover’s dream! In this episode, we touch on it all! John tells us about his journey into acting, voice acting, the theatre, and more! We talk about his experience landing Seinfeld and how he brought this character to life. We recap some of his favorite moments from his time on the show and hear some of his most famous quotes (literally Franco’s dream conversation)! We touch on his career in the theatre, his greatest passion. We also discuss his role in hosting the National Dog Show and his life as a dog lover! He talks about his role in hosting our gala and how eye-opening the experience was in learning about the Down syndrome diagnosis and how it changed his perspective on life. This episode is filled with big laughs, wise words of wisdom, fascinating insights into the entertainment industry, and some great tips for public speaking!

“Then, In the distance, I heard The bulls. I began running as fast as I could. Fortunately, I was wearing my Italian Cap Toe Oxfords.” – J. Peterman.

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