S3 E2 – A Little Something Extra with Tanner Smith and his amazing mom, Nicci!

On this week’s episode of A Little Something Extra, we are joined by Love on the Spectrum star Tanner Smith and his amazing mom, Nicci! Love on the Spectrum is a show that follows various individuals on the autism spectrum on their search for love. Tanner was a breakout star in season 2, no doubt due to his upbeat personality and his incredibly positive outlook on life. In his own words, Tanner is polite, he has a good personality, and he is a kind young man! His mom, Nicci, is equally as amazing. Only seeing a few short snippets of her on the show, this podcast takes a deeper dive into her experience raising Tanner, Tanner’s transition into adulthood, and his newfound fame. She is legit a super mom, whose story and words of wisdom need to be heard! In this episode, we talk with Tanner and Nicci about his experiences dating, his life at Clemson Life, the experience of growing up with Autism, parenting advice, some words of inspiration, and, of course, some…TIPPSSSSSSS on spreading joy! We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

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