S3 E3 – A Little Something Extra with Champion’s Actors, Kevin Iannucci and James Keith

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, the extremely talented Kevin Iannucci and James Keith join the podcast!! Kevin and James are both actors who starred in the 2023 comedy Champions, A Bobby Farrelly comedy centered around a college basketball coach who was ordered to coach a special needs basketball team. Both Kevin and James KILLED IT in their roles, so they joined us to talk about it! Kevin and James are both really impressive guys. Kevin is an experienced actor who has Down syndrome. He was featured in multiple roles leading up to Champions, with this being his breakthrough role! James’s path is a bit different, being a Special Olympics athlete who took this on as his first acting role, but you would never have known! In the episode, we discussed their experience on set with the big stars, their acting methods behind the scenes, and their interests and hobbies outside of acting; we did some podcast karaoke to a certified classic, learned their ‘Little Something Extra’ and of course heard some of GiGi’s TIPPSS! It is a super fun episode filled with a lot of laughs and a lot of heart. Like us, you’ll surely want to be best friends with these dudes when it’s over! Enjoy!!

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