S3 E12: A Little Something Extra with Valeriia and Anya

On this episode we are joined by Valeriia and Anya, known on social media as VallitFit and Anyundik . They are sisters, fitness influencers, and advocates showcasing their amazing relationship and fitness journey all across social media. What is even more incredible is Anya has done all of this while having an extra 21st chromosome! She isn’t letting that little something extra stop her from showing the world her strength.

In this episode we hear all about their journey, from growing up in Ukraine, then being separated and finally reunited in the United States! Valeriia tells us all about how this fitness journey began, where it has taken them and how her sister quickly stole the spotlight. Anya shows us some of her favorite workouts, her incredible art skills and we learn a lot about their healthy diets. This episode is filled with lots of heart, laughs, plus some important lessons about staying healthy and loving family. A perfect episode for anyone to see! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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