S2 E19 – A Little Something Extra with Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer McCormick joins the show!! On this week’s episode, we are celebrating the beauty of motherhood by featuring parent blogger and influencer, Jennifer McCormick. Jennifer has a three-year-old with Down syndrome, named Riley.  Riley falls right in the middle of, soon to be, 5 kids! Making all her siblings her biggest fan and advocates in the world. We talk about the impacts that a child with Down syndrome can have on their siblings and the people they turn out to be. As well as all the funny and odd circumstances that come along with the journey of raising a family with a child with Down syndrome! Jennifer talks about how social media and her life as a blogger have impacted her life. She started her social media because of the lack of guidance and understanding she was exposed to when Riley was born. She is now a part of an amazing community of social media moms helping break the stigmas behind Down syndrome and helping other parents realize there is nothing to fear! We of course then hear some amazing words of inspiration from Jennifer, including her “One Message to the World” and her “Little Something Extra”. This is an amazing episode for all the moms out there looking for some guidance and peace of mind or for those looking to see the impact that someone with Down syndrome can have on your life!

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