S2 E15 – A Little Something Extra with Grace and Carrie Key

The mother-daughter duo behind Candidly Kind, Grace, and Carrie Key join the show! Grace is a 22-year-old entrepreneur who so happens to have Down syndrome. Grace has a passion for art, fashion, and cosmetology so, like any great entrepreneur, she is channeled that passion into her business! Candidly Kind’s message is to spread light, love and acceptance through Grace’s original art. Then a percentage of proceeds go to various non-profits that support that same mission of spreading love and acceptance! In the episode, we talk with Grace and her mom Carrie about their journey, from Grace’s birth and the mindset Carrie had in that moment through today and the incredible woman she has become! We get some amazing words of inspiration from both Carrie and Grace, of course, we dive into each of their “something extra’s,” and we finish off with GiGi’s Tips on being creative. We hope you enjoy it!!

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