Episode 14: A Little Something Extra with Dr. Chicoine

On this episode of A Little Something Extra, Nancy, GiGi and Franco interview Dr. Brian Chicoine of Adult Down Syndrome Center in Park Ridge IL. Dr. Chicoine is an expert on the Down syndrome diagnosis after working with Adults with DS early in his career, to then starting his own medical center in 1990. In this episode, Dr. Chicoine gives an extremely informative conversation on all things Down syndrome. We talk the growth of the diagnosis and how much has changed over the last 30 years. He provides expert advice to families and supporters of the diagnosis on maximizing potential. He talks about all the resources that his center has to offer for teens and adults with Down syndrome. Plus, we are also joined, at the end, by Linda and Mike Mussallem, who have been loyal supporters and friends of Brian’s since their brothers too visited his center. Lots to take in, on this amazing episode of A Little Something Extra!

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  1. KWatts on November 19, 2021 at 6:33 pm

    Thank you Nancy, GiGi, Franco and the other amazing supportive individuals to help all of us help you to spread the message of “Acceptance for All!!”
    I am inspired! Going to play my fun party music and do my tasks to bring GiGi’s to the Pacific Northwest!

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