S3 E14: A Little Something Extra with Katrina Placzek

This episode features an amazing mother! Katrina Placzek and her daughter, Dallas, can be seen all over social media spreading awareness about the importance of understanding and inclusion! Dallas was diagnosed at 2 years old with Cerebral Palsey, but her diagnosis sure hasn’t stopped her from living her best life! Katrina, Dallas’ mom has been an amazing advocate for her daughter, sharing her journey and helping spread the importance of inclusion! This has led her to creating a non-profit called The Recess Project!

In this episode, we hear all about Dallas and Katrina’s story. Starting with Dallas’ diagnosis and the fear it brought to her young mother. We then dive into how amazing Dallas’s life has been along with some of the limitations that inspired her mom to step in! Katrina then shares her journey starting The Recess Project, a non-profit that helps in creating more inclusive playgrounds for kids with disabilities. It is an amazingly humble episode, that will touch anyone’s heart! We hope you enjoy it!

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