S2 E11: A Little Something Extra with Lizz Maxwell and Missy Gibelj

GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland’s very own Lizz Maxwell and Missy Gibel join the show!

We are back highlighting playhouses in celebration of 20 Years of Believing at GiGi’s Playhouse!! These 2 have pretty amazing stories to share, it was hard to fit them both in! Missy was on the team that started the 3rd playhouse to ever open back in 2006 in Chicago! She is a strong momma bear that just wanted to create a place for her daughter and other families that didn’t have a place to feel welcomed. Her family then moved to Cleveland, so she had to bring a playhouse with her! She then took it upon herself to open GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland with the help of an incredible team. This introduces Lizz Maxwell, who does not have a child with Down syndrome but does have a heart large enough to support an entire city of people with Down syndrome. Lizz is the Site Director of GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland and has helped in building up GiGi’s Playhouse to be a staple of the Cleveland community! This episode sheds some light on the heart and soul that goes into bringing a GiGi’s Playhouse into existence and the impacts it makes. Each and every one of us has a fire deep within ourselves that burns on passion. All it takes is the right outlet to further fuel that flame. We hope this episode and all our episodes help you in finding that fuel, or what we call your “Little Something Extra”.

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