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S2 E8 – A Little Something Extra with Heather Avis

With World Down Syndrome Day just around the corner, this week’s episode of A Little Something Extra…

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S2 E2 – A Little Something Extra with Jeanhee Hoffman

This episode of A Little Something Extra goes out to the siblings! The theme is Standing Up for Your Siblings, and do we have a guest that has gone above and beyond to do just that. We are joined by Jeanhee Hoffman, a sibling of a brother with Down syndrome, who founded GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh….


S2 E1: A Little Something Extra with Aaron Shust

  We are finally back with a new episode of the A Little Something Extra podcast!! It has been a minute since we released a new episode, but we are kicking things off again with a great one! Nancy, GiGi, and Franco are joined by award-winning gospel/Christian rock artist Aaron Shust. Aaron is an award-winning…


Episode 19 – A Little Something Extra with Wendell Davis

   With the Super Bowl just around the corner, and our I Have a Voice Gala happening in nearly 2 weeks A little Something Extra is releasing a surprise episode today, as a little sneak peek of season 2! Nancy and GiGi were joined by former NFL wide receiver, Wendell Davis and Tom Serpento,…

Podcast Conference

Episode 18: A Little Something Extra: Leadership Conference Pop Up Podcast

 This episode was the first podcast popup, recorded at the 2021 GiGi’s National Leadership Conference! This episode is so special and close to the GiGi’s heart because it focuses on the people of our organization. It features 18 interviews and 27 guests from the GiGi’s network. Nancy, GiGi and Franco talk with model and…


Episode 17 – A Little Something Extra with Rick Smith

This episode of a little something extra features the rockstar father-son duo of Rick and Noah Smith! When Noah was born 10 years ago, Rick started a YouTube channel called Noah’s Dad and the sole purpose of the channel was to just highlight what it was like to raise Noah. Fast forward to now and…


Episode 16: A Little Something Extra with Amy Smith

In this episode, we interview a guest who is a valuable member of the GiGi’s Playhouse family! Amy Smith is an adult ambassador at GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland, a role that allows her to inspire people every day. The theme of this episode with Amy is Love & Respect. We discuss her life growing up in…

The FIRST video podcast co-hosted by an individual with Down syndrome! From A-list actors to athletes to everyday people, we’ll have something for everyone! Most importantly, we’ll celebrate each guest's “something extra,” which is the piece of you that truly makes you who you are. 

We all have a little something extra inside of us, and sometimes we don’t even know it’s there! Through A Little Something Extra we want to hear about the forces in people’s lives that drive their passion in hopes that others will be able to find theirs! We’ll get to get to the heart of what makes our guests so inspiring – their superpower – even if they do not feel it within themselves!

Every episode of A Little Something Extra will feature guests, who have accomplished the impossible and have changed the world! Be prepared to find yourself motivated with every installment from a wide range of guests.

Our hope is that we will empower, uplift and motivate our audience with each episode. Our goal is to have viewers and listeners join us in the mission of spreading global acceptance for all!

A Little Something Extra with Nancy Gianni and The GiGi is now in it's second season.

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