The ABC’s of Volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse Wausau!

GiGi’s Playhouse Wausau is not your typical non-profit when it comes to volunteering. From the colors on the walls to the fun purposeful programming, GiGi’s provides an unique place to make a difference! So, lets have a fun literacy lesson on the ABC’s of volunteering!


Appreciation! At GiGi’s we appreciate every volunteer. It doesn’t matter the role they are ALL important to the operation of the Playhouse!


Balls…Lots of balls! At GiGi’s you may end up in the ball pit!


Change & Community! As a volunteer at GiGi’s you become part of a community that works towards changing the way the worlds views an individual with Down syndrome and send a global message of acceptance for all!


Development! Volunteers play a role in the development of social and language skills, fine and gross motor skills, and so much more!


Enthusiastic! Volunteers bring high energy in all that they do!


Family! Volunteers are more than just individuals who tutor, who clean the Playhouse, who gather raffle items. Volunteers are family…family that believes in the mission of the Playhouse!


Generation G! Volunteers are Accepting, Generous, & Kind!


Hugs…Lots of hugs! As a volunteer you may get a hug or two!


Impact! Volunteers are responsible for impact that is beyond measure. Volunteers help create impact through the development of skills, increased confidence, and community acceptance.


Jokesters! As a volunteer you will have the pleasure of interacting with some the best jokesters around…just ask Issac or Spencer!


Knowledge! Volunteers come to the Playhouse with different areas of knowledge, all that benefit our participants and operations. Haven’t told us something special about you, let us know!


Love & Laughter! So many volunteers come to GiGi’s wanting to give back and find they get some much more. They love what they do and love that they can laugh while doing it!


Magic! As a volunteer you are part of the magic that happens at the Playhouse. The magic that is achievement, the magic that is hope, the magic that is acceptance!


Noodles…Lots of pool noodles! At GiGi’s we may have a slight obssession with projects that include pool noodles.


Opportunity! As a volunteer you have many opportunities to make a difference whether it is programming or behind the scenes. As a volunteer you provide an opportunity for participants to grow, to learn, and to be accepted in the community in which they live!


Promise! As a volunteer you help continue the promise that Nancy made to GiGi one night 20-years ago, to change the way the world looked at a person with Down syndrome and to help people understand that they are so much more than a diagnosis.


Quantifiable! Volunteers are the life of the Playhouse. What they bring to programming and events can never be quanitifiable!


Relationships! As a volunteer you have meaningful interactions that form often deep relationships with participants and their family…all going back to letter F!


Smiles & Scooters! At GiGi’s you get to help create smiles. It may be because you were asked to ride a scooter around but smiles are smiles!!!


Teaching! At the Playhouse teaching is almost always in disguise. Everything is purposeful, you may see bubbles being blown we see work on forming the letter O and core strength development.


Unique & Unleashed! As a volunteer you get to experience the unique abilities of participants and help unleash their potential!


Vital & Voice! Volunteers are absolutely vital to having a successful Playhouse. Volunteers also are vital in assisting participants in finding their confidence and ultimately their voice!


Welcome! GiGi’s relies on the skill and dedication of volunteers of various levels of expertise to keep programs vibrant, educational, purposeful, fun, and free. Everyone is welcomed!


Xtra-ordinary! At GiGi’s we know our participants are xtra-ordinary and we shout it to the world every day. GiGi’s volunteers are pretty xtra-ordinary too, from the time they dedicate to the creativeness they bring!


whY! As a volunteer your “why” or “Y” will become clear!


Zany! As a volunteer you will experience some of the zaniest people around! There will be much laughter and may be a dance move or two you will have to do!

Ready to experience a letter in our ABC’s of volunteering? We cannot wait for you to join us!

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