Adam & Brianna, A Story of Love!


Our world is full of misconceptions, especially when it comes to individuals with Down syndrome. GiGi’s Playhouse mission is to change the way an individual with Down syndrome is perceived through education, awareness, and the Generation G campaign. One of the many misconceptions is that adults with Down syndrome are unable to form close interpersonal relationships leading to marriage.  Well, we have a story of love to share with you of two local Playhouse participants that break that misconception!

In August of 2013, Brianna and Adam attended a Lions Camp the same week. When Brianna came home all she talked about was this boy named Adam. In November of 2013, Brianna competed in Eau Claire for Special Olympics’ bowling and who should be there, Adam! He was about 8 lanes down and Brianna kept staring at him! Of course, he was oblivious of her. Brianna bowled horribly that day because her mind was on that boy from the Lions Camp. In 2014, they attended Lions Camp but on different weeks.  In June of 2015, they both attended Easter Seals Camp and as luck would have it, on the same week! When Dawn went to pick up Adam from his cabin she asked his counselor how the week went. His response was that “the girl sitting over there is very sad to see Adam going home.” When Julie picked up Brianna from her cabin she came walking out holding hands with that boy, Adam. Julie said to her friend “look who Brianna found at camp!”

They had their first date in July of 2015 at the Balloon Rally.  A couple of months after that Julie overheard Brianna tell Adam on the iPad “that he needed to get her a ring in a box”.  So flash forward to 2022 and Adam has gotten that ring in a box for the girl he was once oblivious of. Families are working on an engagement party in the upcoming months to celebrate the very special relationship Adam and Brianna have and their future together.  Adam will be proposing in front of family and friends at this party to the girl he loves.
One thing is clear Brianna had already made up her mind in 2013 about that boy named Adam! And more importantly she gave her heart to that boy!
Julie & Dawn…who admire the love between Adam and Brianna!

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  1. Diane Wille Force on February 10, 2022 at 8:09 pm

    Totally love this story and the happy ending!

  2. Rebecca Bearjar on February 24, 2022 at 11:27 am

    They are a beautiful couple!

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