Crown to Serve

This last week we had the pleasure to meet a local teen that holds a pretty amazing title, American Royal Beauties 2020 National Teen!  She also holds a desire to serve her local community and stopped in with two huge bags of needed supplies for the Playhouse!  Thank you for your dedication and support…you are a change maker!  Read a little something from Janae on her role and why she chose GiGi’s to support:
I’m involved with the pageant system American Royal Beauties as the 2020 National teen. I won this national title this past August in Ohio! I competed against a bunch of deserving girls from all over the United States. I am so lucky to have captured this amazing title. American Royal Beauties motto is crown to serve. So, every day we try to make a difference in our community by giving back and sharing joy along the way. I decided to help GiGis Playhouse because I learned it was in its construction phase at the new location. Obviously, that cannot be easy, so I thought I’d get some items on the wish list to help support them and make life a little easier when they open!
Thank you, Janae!

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