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Winter 2019 Registration Information

St Louis Park Location (4740 Park Glen Road, St Louis Park, MN 55416)
Registration Opens at 7 am on Monday, December 10th

Special Olympics Young Athletes Program (Ages 2.5-7)

We offer 4 separate classes. Please choose one: 

  • Session 1: Mondays 6:00-6:45 pm January 28- March 18 
  • Session 2: Wednesdays 6:15-7:00 pm January 30- March 20 
  • Session 3: Saturdays 9:00-9:45 am February 2- March 23 (FULL)
  • Session 4: Saturdays 11:00-11:45 am February 2- March 23 (FULL)

Description: Young Athletes™ is an innovative sports play program for all children with and without intellectual disabilities. The focus is on fun activities that are important to mental and physical growth. Children ages 2.5-7 enjoy games and activities that develop motor and hand-eye coordination. Young Athletes is an early introduction to sports and to the world of Special Olympics. Siblings are welcome to sign-up as well if they are within the age limits. 

To Register: email youngathletestwincities@gigisplayhouse.org You must include your child’s full name, age, parents’ names, your first and second day/time preference and if your participant is new or returning to the YA Program.  


Music Therapy (Ages 0-2, 3-4)

We offer two Music Therapy classes this winter: 

  • Ages 0-2 Wednesdays 4:15-5:00 pm January 30- March 20 
  • Ages 3-4 Wednesdays 5:15-6:00 pm January 30- March 20 

Description: This weekly class is led by Kay Luedtke – Smith, a Board Certified Music Therapist. Students work on social, academic, gross motor and fine motor skills through music, rhythm, games and instrument playing.   

To Registration: Complete application. Email or mail to Playhouse 


Yoga (Ages 4-12)

Mondays 5:00-5:45 pm January 28- March 4 

Description: Students will strengthen their muscles through a program called Super Stretch. Yoga encourages movement while enhancing flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Yoga also improves concentration and a sense of calmness and relaxation. Register your participant for one week, a couple weeks or the whole session! Please only register for your participant with a disability- the rest of the family is encouraged to participate! But is not required to register.  

To Register: Register your participant for one week, a couple weeks or the whole session! No need to register for the rest of the family- everyone is encouraged to join the class and participate but is not required to register.

SELF for Teens (Ages 13-17)

Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm January 28- March 11 

Description: This program follows the curriculum “Sexuality for all Abilities” created by Katie Thune, M.A., Ed., RYT and is provided in partnership with Lutheran Social Services and taught by LSS staff. Topics include; healthy relationships, safe and appropriate touch, personal safety, private and public, dating, crushes and gender. We also offer three additional optional classes at the end of the session; human reproduction, pregnancy prevention and risks associated with sexual activity. The first week of class is an orientation for parents to meet the Program Leads from LSS, learn about the curriculum and class structure, and ask questions! Weekly recaps will be sent to parents to help facilitate continued conversation on the content at home. 

To Register: Email programstwincities@gigisplayhouse.org with participant’s full name, age, parent’s full name, cell phone number and email address.  

Social Skills for Young Learners (Ages 6-8)

Tuesdays 6:00-6:45 pm January 29- March 19 

Description: This weekly class is led by Rheanne Lewis, a licensed Speech Language Pathologist. Social learning is provided through play with a focus on a variety of skills, including: social communication, emotions, eye contact, and big and small problem-solving skills.   

To Register: Complete application. Email or mail to Playhouse: 

  • Attn: GiGi’s Playhouse Attn: Ashley Olthoff 4740 Park Glen Road, St Louis Park, MN 55417 


EPIC (Ages 18+)

Thursdays 5:30-8:30 pm February 14- April 18 

Description: This class will be led by Rheanne Lewis, Speech Language Pathologist. Each week participants will engage in fitness activity, learn about nutrition and cook a healthy meal to eat together. Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing and plan to eat dinner during the program each week.  

Program Goals: 

  • Communication: Target skills will include conversation starters, perspective taking, teamwork and problem solving. 
  • Fitness: Participate in different fitness activities. 
  • Nutrition: Learn about the importance of eating healthy food, portion size, and meal planning. 
  • Healthy Eating: Prepare easy and healthy meals and snacks. Learn about healthy eating habits and good kitchen hygiene. 
  • Creating Goals: Learn the importance of creating goals for yourself through creating SMART goals and tracking progress. 

Participants will create SMART Goals at the beginning of the session in communication, health or fitness and track their progress over the 11-week program.  

Registration is open December 10- January 4th. Please take the time to thoughtfully and thoroughly complete the application during this time. Your participant must complete the questions at the end of the application. Registration priority is now given to participants new to the program. Acceptance into the program will be announced on Monday, January 7th 

To Register: Complete application. Email or mail to Playhouse before January 4th 

  • GiGi’s Playhouse Attn: Ashley Olthoff 4740 Park Glen Road, St Louis Park, MN 55417 


One-on-One Tutoring in Math or Literacy (Ages 3+)

1st Week: February 10-16th  

Last Week: April 14-20th  

GiGi's Playhouse Twin Cities offers One-on-one Literacy and Math Tutoring for individuals with Down syndrome ages 3 & up. The 10-week session meets once-a-week for up to 45 minutes at a mutually agreed upon time by the student and the tutor.

The tutoring program improves:
*Sight word recognition
* Vocabulary
* Number sense
* Comprehension
* Number Concepts
* Articulation
* Shapes
* Self-esteem
* Speech clarity
* Fine motor skills


Tutoring Registration Information

Applications must be submitted by January 4th
Please note that individuals brand new to the program will receive priority in placement into the tutoring programs. *Individuals brand new to the Literacy program will not be matched to a tutor until family photos have been submitted. You’ll receive an email with family photo information once your application has been received.*

*You will be notified on Monday, January 14th if we were able to match your student to a tutor.*

To Register:  Click Here
*Select Your Playhouse: Twin Cities
*If you request both Literacy and Math tutoring we can only guarantee one subject and will choose your subject based on tutor availability.

For more information about literacy tutoring   Click Here

For more information about math tutoring   Click Here