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Family Perspective-Mary Frances

Hello everyone,  

My name is MaKenzie Martin and I am super excited to be starting as an intern at GiGi’s Playhouse for the summer! Weekly I will be bringing you a “Family Perspective” of life at GiGi’s Playhouse with our families. 

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Audrey Smith! She is mother to Mary Frances, who is 30 years-old and has been very active in several of the adult programs GiGi’s has to offer. Mary’s favorite program to participate in is the Culinary program, where she participated in a 12-week course that gave her the hands-on skills needed to create some of her favorite foods! Unfortunately, Chef Rob will be taking the summer off, however continue to check our website and social media for when her returns for his 12-week program, available in August.

Another activity Audrey raved about was our Fantastic Friends program where our adult participants can develop social skills and language through peer-to-peer interaction in a casual and fun environment. Don’t forget to check our online calendar to sign-up for our Fantastic Friends program on Thursday nights at 6:30! Mary even got to teach a yoga class, participate in our Talent show and help coordinate and plan our Halloween party back in October! When speaking on how GiGi’s Playhouse has been able to change her daughter’s life Audrey said that “GiGi’s has opened her up to developing socially and helped her be able to interact with more people.” 

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