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How to use our calendar to sign-up

Our calendar is the hub of information for all of our programs, events, volunteer and parent orientations.  Many of our calendar events, especially programs, have an RSVP Feature that allows us to plan our supplies and volunteer needs.

Step 1:  Check out our calendar at https://gigisplayhouse.org/tampa/calendar/
Step 2:  Find the program/event/training you want to attend on the correct date and click to open event fully
Step 3:  Read description and be sure you are confirming for appropriate program for your child
Step 4:  Scroll down and enter # of RSVP of PARTICIPANTS only.  For programs do not include parents/caregivers.  This is your child/loved one with DS and any siblings in same age range as the program is intended.  Any other siblings attending outside of the age range are there as role models/junior volunteers and are encouraged to attend and participate but are not considered participants for RSVP.
Step 5:  You must repeat this step for each program, each week.  The RSVP does not roll over to following offerings.
Step 6:  Keep in mind some of our programs have participation limits and if you are unable to attend to remember to UN-RSVP so others may be able to attend.

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