Playhouse Family’s Story

Sophia Grace Sullivan                   

Birthdate: October 31, 2016             Gestational Age at Birth: 30 weeks and 2 days


Michael and I tried tried two years to get pregnant. We were elated when we finally found out we were. It was a roller coaster pregnancy. At 15 weeks we found out that Sophia had Trisomy 21. Although we were shocked by the news we didn’t care. We were getting our baby. At 26 weeks we went to our perinatalogist for her fetal echocardiogram. We sat for about an hour to see the doctor. When we finally saw him he said he had been making arrangements for me to be admitted to St. Joseph’s Women’s where I would be in bed rest. I had reverse cord flow and Sophia wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed. He said most people deliver within a week with this condition. She would only have an 80% chance of survival if she was delivered at this time. I was frantic. A few years ago my best friend had a similar condition. Her baby was born at 26 weeks and lived only 96 days. I was terrified this was happening to us. Every day I was monitored 3 times a day, some days were continual, and every day we were wheeled down to ultrasound and prayed we would get one more day. We made it to 30.2 and delivered our beautiful Sophia Grace on Halloween. She’s our pumpkin princess. She was a tiny but strong little girl, weighing only 2.3 pounds. Sophia spent the first two and a half months of her life in NICU surrounded by amazing doctors and nurses. Today she is a 21 month old beauty who is full of life and personality. She loves to dance and she’s always smiling. It was a long, stressful journey but we wouldn’t change the outcome for anything. Sophia is our life.

We can’t wait to see you at the Playhouse, Michael and Suzanne

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