T-ball moves to coaches pitch!

First and foremost… Look! I finally got the pink helmet to match her mitt and bat!!  

This month we were able to start having the coaches pitch to our t-ballers if we wanted to.  Well, we never did this with our team (I am one of the coaches) but the team we were playing was doing all coach pitch so we thought we would try it too.   Some of the kids did OK, others not so good.  When GiGi came up I told the pitching coach not to worry about her just let her hit it off the tee.  (This was not a Down syndrome thing it was a coach thing.  I knew she never had tried it and I would have said the same for my other kids (mostly to save time!!) Anyway, he wanted to pitch to her so he did and what does she do???  She hits it!!!!!  Loser Mommy!!!

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