OK… I do not have pictures because I am the coach of the team and it is a little busy!  Last weekend was baseballs opening day and between all the kids we had 8 games over the weekend!   

Anyway, there are 160 kids in this t-ball league (luckily only 12 are on my team!)  and GiGi is doing awesome!  As with most 5 year olds we draw in the dirt, sing Hannah Montana etc… but we also play some serious ball!!  I remember she was singing away and next thing I knew she was running for the ball!  When she throws the ball you can still hear her recite “point, step THROW”!  Every time I see her up at the plate (tee) to hit I hear the other coach saying “I know you can do it by yourself I am just getting the ball ready…”   She cracks me up!   I could not have been  more proud than I was at her first game!   We only have 6 games this weekend so I promise I will take a picture!

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