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Welcome to GiGi's Playhouse Syracuse! We are so glad you are here. GiGi’s Playhouse is a group of Down syndrome achievement centers across North America, where individuals with Down syndrome and their families can learn, develop, grow and share. All of our programs are free to our families and are educational and/or therapeutic in nature. GiGi's Playhouse is something different to everyone - (education, therapy, support, fun, self esteem) but for all its a place to belong. Our tag line is educate. inspire. believe. The Playhouse is so much more than a place, it is a feeling. A feeling of hope, acceptance and excitement that extends to the family and in to the community. Have a look around and see the great time we are having. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to be kept up to date on all the programs and events.

Heard in the Playhouse


GiGi's Playhouse is coffee on a warm, sunny deck. It's watching a movie under a cozy blanket. It emits warmth and home and everything precious to me in this world. If troubles get me down or life beats me up a bit, I can count on GiGi's. I simply get into whatever thing that is going on at the playhouse and my mood is lifted. There is so much decency there; so much acceptance, from everyone, about everything....and not the showy kind that brags and takes credit. It's the quiet kind, the real kind. The kind that makes you want to be better too. I'm my best me because we belong to GiGi's. The love that the families have is electric and contagious. There are so many real heroes there: Kids overcoming mountainous obstacles, parents with inconceivable struggles and beautiful tales to tell. The people at GiGi's inspire and believe with every fiber of their mission and they never cease educating. They educate about the things that really matter; love, acceptance and kindness. ~ Beth Craver