Finding a Home Away from Home at GiGi’s

When we first heard of GiGi’s Sugar Land, it was a few months after giving birth to our third child, Jesley, who we weren’t expecting to have Down syndrome. My aunt found GiGi’s and sent their information my way, but I wasn’t ready to figure out this new way of parenting.  We finally made the leap to attend an Open Play date at GiGi’s where we were welcomed with open arms and loving smiles. The staff instantly fell in love with our sweet girl.  There, I met other mothers where we shared our stories. It was such an overwhelming love and acceptance. It was like having my own family away from family. We started attending LMNOP and Open Play as often as we could. We love GiGi’s because their cause is everything I could want as a mother for our baby. The programs offered for each stage of each individual’s life are all-inclusive. Now I know what my baby is capable of, which is EVERYTHING.  I look forward to every stage of our baby’s life and am so thankful GiGi’s playhouse will be there along the way.  I truly enjoy the welcoming we get when we walk through the doors! The volunteers and staff know Jesley by name and her huge smiles let them know how happy she is to be there!

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