Fall Interns at Gigi’s Playhouse Sugar Land

Quynh Doan

Hi am Quynh Doan

Hi, my name is Quynh Doan and I am an intern working on my Bachelor’s degree in Allied Health at the University of Houston. When it came time to select a location for my internship, I chose GiGi’s Playhouse Sugar Land because I wanted to have a direct impact on our individuals, helping them live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

I spent my semester working with our Gratitude Committee, completed the progress assessments for our GiGiFIT Teen classes, and assisted at our Friday GiGi Prep classes. I led scavenger hunts around the Playhouse, taught challenging yoga and resistance band workouts and demonstrated a hands-on gardening lesson in which we all planted sprout seeds.

My favorite thing about my time at GiGi’s Playhouse Sugar Land  is getting to know our participants individually.  I love finding out about their personal interests and seeing their artistic creativity, writing and math skills.

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