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Why I Run, Walk & Dash

On August 25th, we join with families and our community of support to Run, Walk & Dash for Down syndrome.  You still have time to join your favorite team, we want you & we need you! Please visit our 5K/Walk/Dash Page to learn all the great details!


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Once upon a time a baby was born.  This brand-new bundle had to wait patiently in her clear hospital crib as her parents absorbed her diagnosis. It didn’t take long before the parents were healing and advocating . They quickly took hold of their new normal and ran with it.  Then, one day, before their very eyes, the baby became a girl with a bursting  personality. Her parents were so madly in love with her that they wouldn’t change a chromosome in her adorable little DNA.

And that is why we walk this year. Not to heal ourselves, not for the cause, but for the little girl who astonishes us and makes us laugh every single day.

At one time our family was a little broken. We needed GiGi’s to help us understand that it really was all going to be alright. In the face of the unknown , they were a sea of people who knew and who smiled about their secret fortune. We didn’t know yet but we had faith in what they were showing us was true.

Then, little by little, this girl grew and so did our dedication to Down syndrome. We were going to shout in solidarity with GiGi’s…THERE IS NOTHING BAD HERE. Sure there are medical concerns, but they  only make us more aware. And yes, there are delays, but they make us more grateful and appreciative.  All of it is ultimately  cause for more celebration.
And now… four years later, this kid does not make us want to be healed, she is not Down syndrome, she is an admirable human being who has all the potential in the world. She has all of the same feelings we do. She is sometimes full of kisses, planting one on everyone in her path; whether she knows you or not. She sometimes prefers not to be bothered and craves time alone. She’s an angel when she sleeps, a buzzing bee when he’s awake and she has yet to find a happy medium . She prefers human connection over any toy and has a sixth sense when it comes to who may need a hug.

She is not even 4  and yet I can go on and on listing reasons why she is worthy of an abundant life.  She is a my niece, a daughter, a cousin, a sister and a gift. We walk for who Sawyer is and what she will become. My lovely niece. She is friendly. She is fearless. She is forgiving. She is fun. And she is family.

You can join our 5K/Walk/Dash by clicking HERE!  


At GiGi’s Playhouse Sioux City families are never alone. From a prenatal diagnosis to career skills, we make a lifetime commitment to remain by their side. Families are empowered with all the tools their child needs to succeed! Thank you for supporting GiGi’s Playhouse & believing in all individuals rocking their extra chromosome! 


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