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Sioux City Chapter of GiGi’s Playhouse receives $20,000 grant from Gilchrist Foundation!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (NOVEMBER 27th, 2017): Julie Burhoop, President of the Board of Managers for the Sioux City Chapter of GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers, announced today that GiGi’s Playhouse has received a $20,000 grant from the Gilchrist Foundation to expand programming and provide additional resources with an arts education initiative to people of all ages in Siouxland with Down Syndrome.

Julie Burhoop, Board President: “We are so excited and incredibly blessed by this opportunity that the Gilchrist Foundation has provided.  So many of our participants and others with special needs or abilities are visual learners and need to work extra hard on communicating with others.  This arts initiative will not only help give them needed communication skills, but also educate and empower arts educators in our community to use these best practices for years to come.”

GiGi’s Playhouse–Sioux City seeks to remove barriers to high quality arts learning experiences by launching an ambitious arts education initiative for children and adults with Down syndrome. In partnership with Siouxland arts organizations, including Lamb Arts Regional Theatre, and the Lamb School and the Sioux City Art Center, GiGi’s will offer visual art, drama, and music programs tailored to individuals with Down syndrome, combining the expertise of Siouxland arts educators, best practices in adaptive arts learning, and GiGi’s expertise in supporting achievement of children with Down syndrome.

Brittany Busch, Volunteer Programming Coordinator: The Gilchrist Grant provides us with a wonderful opportunity for our participants to explore fields that may be of great interest to them! Participants not only get to enjoy these experiences, but we want them to use these programs to look into the future and decide if this may be a path they want to pursue as an extra-curricular activity or a career.

Diana Wooley, CEO, Lamb Arts, Ltd.: “We are so excited to work with GiGi’s Playhouse.  We firmly believe that the arts are for everyone and we deeply appreciate the Gilchrist Foundation for funding this opportunity for GiGi’s families.”

If you are an educator (or parent of a child with special needs) and would like to learn more about best practices for those with Down Syndrome or integrate adaptive arts learning in your classroom, GiGi’s Playhouse serves as a resource for you.  Please contact GiGi’s Playhouse at 712.226.PLAY for more information.

GiGi’s Playhouse Sioux City was started in 2009 by a group of dedicated individuals who have been touched by individuals with Down syndrome. GiGi’s Playhouse’s custom, research-based curriculum works towards advancing literacy, math skills, gross and fine motor skills, improving low muscle tone, building self-esteem, preparing for the workforce and more while fostering acceptance, awareness and networking resources for parents, siblings and the community. All programs are FREE of charge: cost will not be a barrier to achievement!


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