What’s the difference between Awareness and Acceptance?


Awareness is to know that you have a classmate with a disability

Acceptance is inviting him or her to hang out with you


Awareness is simply knowing someone who has some kind of challenge

Acceptance is engaging in a real conversation with them


Awareness is seeing someone with a disability do something you maybe didn’t expect

Acceptance is telling them they are awesome, cheering them on or asking for an autograph


Awareness is saying you have a friend with a disability

Acceptance is truly being a good friend to them


Awareness is appreciating the gifts and challengers of those with different abilities

Acceptance is volunteering your time to help


Awareness is liking this post

Acceptance is sharing it


Awareness does not imply doing anything different

Acceptance is taking action


Join the Generation G movement! Be accepting. Be generous. Be kind.

Generation G

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