What It’s Like Living With A Sister 

Growing up with a younger sister has always been inspirational because she gives me the best advice in different situations. Whenever I need to talk to her about something, she always listens to what I’m saying and supports me with a variety of coping strategies to help me get through them. 

The top 3 things I really enjoy doing with my sister are getting manicures, going out for dinner, and going out to see a movie in theaters. I also really enjoy cooking and baking with my sister because we make the best chocolate chip cookies!! 

My sister has always taught me so many things in life. She taught me how to become a self advocate, how to speak up for myself. Sometimes she would take me to dance classes and rehearsals for 8 productions I was involved in. 

When she got accepted into Santa Cruz, it was a huge adjustment for me to see her go off into the real world for college. But when she graduated from Santa Cruz, she and her boyfriend found a house to live permanently in LA so I’m really extremely proud of my younger sister and everything she’s been through and done for me.

She was everything I wanted. 

Natalie J. – (GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego, participant)

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