Stefania’s happy place is the beach!



Stefania and I moved from Cleveland, OH to San Diego to be closer to family…my sisters (aunties). We have lived here now since August 2022 and so happy to be here. Love the sunshine! Stefania’s happy place is the beach. For her 16th birthday, she asked to have a fire on the beach. So, who could say no to that! Coronado Beach never disappoints us.

Stefania started attending GiGi’s around the age of 13 at GiGi’s Cleveland. The programs which she utilized are math tutoring, Teentastic and their music program. She loved attending to visit with friends and the amazing, selfless volunteers which I am so happy runs in the GiGi Family! So many amazing and selfless volunteers here in San Diego!

We are working to find what we like to do in San Diego but have visited the zoo several times and have enjoyed it each and every time. Stefania has been working very hard to get her muscles working so we can go on the amazing hiking trails. We are still getting used to the awesome blue skies and sunsets.

Thank you for welcoming us with open arms!



On another note, in November, our new Site Manager Rissa had the opportunity to go to the GiGi’s Playhouse National Conference with a mission sent from Becky. She was to seek out the awesome Lizz Maxwell of the Cleveland GiGi’s Playhouse. Stefania and Becky have missed her terribly and wanted Rissa to know her as she was such a huge part of their lives. So, with that mission in mind Rissa set out and accomplished her mission.

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