San Diego local Moms, found support on each other


It all  started in October of 2020, during the COVID lock-down, after a few local moms found each other via various Facebook support groups.  They quickly realized they had several moms either pregnant or with babies with DS here in San Diego and decided to start a “virtual playgroup” to share ideas and offer support to each other. As one founding mom said “Many of us were having a hard time finding local support – especially during Covid.” The group started with a chat group of about 10 moms and quickly grew to over 20.  We were delighted to host the groups first in-personplaygroup at Gigi’s in July!The group has now grown by word of mouth to almost 50 local moms with babies and toddlers with DS in San Diego!  They have their own Facebook page and email account.  They are passionate about prenatal and new parent support and have started doing community and medical outreach. “We want to make sure no one feels alone and that everyone has the support they need and want.”


To join this amazing group of mothers, you can email them @




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